My Top 10 Phone Dating Chat Lines

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Technology is changing everything that we do. It is altering how we work and how we enjoy our leisure time. But what about the way it is affecting the way that we date? An undesirable after effect of technology is that it can be more difficult to meet someone the old fashioned way. We don’t have as many as those heart pounding casual encounters with strangers. Most of us are living a more secluded lifestyle in this day and age. It can seem hard to meet new people and form romantic bonds when everyone stays home glued to their cellphones. However, things are not always what they appear to be. Technology may have made it more difficult to physically meet someone but it is now easier than ever to connect with someone virtually. Technology allows us to get connected with almost anyone anywhere in the world. This gives us an even larger choice of romantic options than ever before. Here are my top 10 best dating chat lines.

1. Nightline Chat – It allows you to create a free profile and begin chatting almost instantly through a completely private chatline. They even offer a free 60 minute free trial.

2. Vibeline – A phone chat line that helps people connect to exciting and fun men and women of color. They connect you with real people and not paid actors. They connect you to real life regular people. They have exclusive features available for members only. They have a variety of price packages available as well as a free trial.

3. Lavalife Voice – Designed for flirtation, chatting and intimate conversations, They offer a free trail of 30 minutes for male callers. Female callers are able to chat and flirt for free.

4. RedHot Dateline – Connects you to local singles in your area, Reviewers claim that this is the best chatline available for men. The service connects to real live women. They do not employ operators or actors. The chatline is secure and uncensored. They do not ask for any personal information.

5. VoiceRoulette – Like chatroulette but over the phone. Offers a fun and easy way to connect with new people. It is for English speaking callers only. An interesting way for you to speak one on one with interesting strangers anonymously.

6. Fonochat – The chatline for for Spanish lovers. This chat line allows Hispanic men and women in North America to be connected to local Spanish speaking singles. They also cater to English speaking callers. They currently are offering a free trial.

7. ChatlineUSA – A clean and safe phone chat line. They do not use paid operators or paid actors. They connect you with real local singles in your area. ChatlineUSA allows you to connect with individuals who are looking for a genuine connection. Their chatline is for straight singles only. They also have a free trial available.

8. Talk121 – It’s free for women to chat as much as they want and free for men to receive messages. They do offer other exclusive chat lines that are free for male and female callers. They also have an exciting new app for smart phones in the works. They offer very low rates for membership packages,

9. LiveLinks – Connects you to available local singles in your area. A timeless chatline for both men and women. They even offer a free trial and various affordable packages. This chat line allows you to get connected to new people without the added stress of meeting someone face to face. It allows you to talk comfortably in the privacy of your own home.

10. QuestChat – One of the oldest and most established dating chat lines. Questchat claims to be the busiest chat line in North America. They even allow you to browse the dating chat profiles. They also even have an app for both android and iOS devices.

The feeling of desire is one thing that can definitely be communicated through a wire. It is still possible to form romantic connections. However, you may need a service to help put you in the right direction.

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