Phone Chat Pioneer: Carol Shaya

Carol Shaya on Geraldo

Carol Shaya was born in Tel-Aviv, Israel. She and her family immigrated to the United States when she was still a child. Carol worked as a New York City police officer along with her husband and father. Carol received permission from her commanding officer to engage in employment outside of being police officer.

In August 1994 the police officer posed with and without her uniform in the magazine Playboy. In late October of the same year The New York City Police Department filed charges against her. They filed charges of off duty employment that was not authorized and the misuse of a New York City police uniform. She was later dismissed from the police department.

The scandal brought a lot of attention to the media. This helped Carol Shaya gain even more popularity. As she left her old life as a cop she began to transition to the silver screen. That same year of 1994 Shaya landed a recurring role on the television drama New York Undercover as Sergeant Witoshensky. She also landed a role as detective Fine in the movie Silent Prey. She later divorced her husband and dedicated her life further to the big screen.

The ex New York City police officer was doing very well for herself despite her termination from law enforcement. She embraced her newly found fame and made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. She even developed her own chat line! The commercial that aired to promote her new chat line embraced her past as a police officer and tempted callers to call and talk to Shaya about all of her off duty activities. It also featured some of Carol Shaya’s friends of various professions. This was also with the intent of getting more callers who were interested in what beautiful women of different job descriptions did after they were off work.

Carol Shaya’s chat line was unique and one of the first of it’s kind. Instead of her chat line offering to connect single men and women to other local singles, her chat line offered the chance for regular people to have an intimate conversation with a celebrity. Her chatline also had the appeal of speaking with other attractive young professional women.

The idea of giving single people the rare and unique opportunity for a private conversation with Carol Shaya was a very intuitive marketing strategy at the time. In this day and age Carol Shaya’s methods of operating her chat line may seem unconventional. However, her willingness to take calculated risks has proven to pay off in the end.

A lot has changed since the nineties including the chat lines we have available. While they aren’t any well known chat lines that allow you to speak with celebrities, there are several chat lines that will connect you with exciting new local people. Many of these chat lines can also connect you with people all over the United States. We now have more chat lines available than ever and more and more people join them everyday.

The Carol Shaya Chat line may not still be available for callers but there are several other chat lines that have also been around since the nineties that are still in operation. The growth of the chat line industry has made them more accessible than ever. There have also been several improvements made to many of the features of the chat line services. Calls are now completely private in most chat lines. Many of the chat lines also guarantee their members that they are talking to real life single people and not operators or actors paid by the company.

Almost all chat lines also have a free trial option and many allow women to call and chat for free. Many of these chat lines also have membership packages available that are affordable. Joining a chat line can be a very positive and thrilling experience for both men and for women. It can be a great way to meet an interesting stranger in a safe environment. It allows a person the chance to get to know someone anonymously without the added stress of having to speak with a stranger face to face in an unfamiliar setting. Thanks to Carol Shaya the chat line dating world has changed for the better.

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